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  • Each unit has a learning objective.
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Apprenticeship Math

This course is designed for learners preparing to go into the trades. It focuses on basic math skills using fractions, decimals, percents, converting imperial and metric measurements and how to read a measuring tape. This course includes real workplace examples that can be applied to the trades. If you’re interested in this career pathway and need to strengthen your math skills, this course is for you!

Note: Learners should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers before taking this course.

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Construction Measurement

Construction Measurement describes the different ways you may measure things when working on construction. In this course, you will: learn how to read imperial and metric measuring tapes, micrometers, and calipers, read a floorplan to calculate distances and areas, work with elevations and grades, and use ratios and rates to estimate weight loads.

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Exploring Apprenticeship

This course was created for learners who would like to explore the options available to them through apprenticeship, and features content developed by Literacy Link South Central (LLSC). This course allows learners to:

  1. Get an overview of Apprenticeship, including the individual trades and trade sectors.
  2. Investigate specific trades related to the Construction, Automotive and Food Services sectors.
  3. Understand the credentials available through apprenticeship and prepare for the tests they may encounter during the credentialing phase.

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One and Done - Converting Measurements

This short "One and Done" course is intended to help you with reading units of length on the Imperial and Metric measurement systems.  You will learn the different methods of converting between feet and inches in the Imperial system, and how to convert between different Metric units. You will also learn how to convert between the Imperial and Metric systems (for example, feet to metres or centimetres to inches).


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One and Done - Using a Tape Measure

This is a One and Done Course, which means there is one unit of content to learn a specific task. This course is designed for learners preparing to go into the trades.

By the end of this course, you will


  • learn the history of the measurement systems
  • understand units of Imperial and Metric measurements
  • identify different units and markings on a measuring tape
  • be able to convert between units for Imperial Units and Metric Units

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