College Prep and Learning Skills


  • Lessons use tutorials and quizzes.
  • Tutorials have slides with text and pictures.
  • Learners can use the built-in screen reader.
  • Other learning tools include dictionaries, translators and text highlighting.
  • After watching a tutorial, learners complete a short quiz to check their knowledge.
  • Lessons are grouped by level and subject.


ACE SkillsMarker Prep

Skillsmarker Assessments give questions in a variety of formats, including written text and interpreting graphics (tables, charts, diagrams, etc.)  After completing an Assessment, learners will be assigned lessons from our Reading Comprehension Strategies, Writing and Math curriculum to build readiness for these questions.


Ready for College - Biology

Learn the differences between plant and animals cells and their role. Study the functions of organ systems, the role DNA and chromosomes. Explore environmental impacts on evolution, and how change affects the biodiversity of an ecosystem. This course will help prepare for credit courses and college admission requirements.

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Ready for College - Biology 1
Ready for College - Biology 2


Ready for College - Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of matter and how it changes. You will study matter's composition, properties, and transformation. You will analyze the periodic table of elements and compare elements based on their atomic structures and relative positions in the periodic table. You will learn about chemical bonding and chemical reactions. This course will help prepare for credit courses and college admission requirements.

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Ready for College - Chemistry 1
Ready for College - Chemistry 2


Ready for College - Physics

You will learn the basics of physics to prepare for credit courses and college admission requirements. You will study terms, concepts, and laws that relate to force and motion, how forces interact with matter, and how to further describe these interactions with the aid of the concepts of energy and momentum. You will investigate the physics of heat like electromagnetic radiation, x-rays, visible light, and radio waves.

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Ready for College - Physics 1
Ready for College - Physics 2
Ready for College - Physics 3


Writing Research Papers

In this course, you’ll develop your research skills by evaluating sources for credibility and bias, developing a research plan, and writing a research paper. Synthesizing information and correctly citing research sources will be an important aspect of your research process..

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  • Created by the LearningHUB Team!
  • Designed for literacy learners. The perfect introduction to online learning.
  • Each course is 3-6 units.
  • Each unit has a learning objective.
  • Activities include pages to read, videos, journal-writing, short assignments, quizzes and more.


College Readiness Tips

This course helps students prepare for college and high school credit courses. Often students move on from work, upgrading or high school without knowing what skills they will need to succeed in college. With this course, students will learn tips and strategies to build their confidence with time management, organization, studying and overcoming obstacles.

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Learning Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Everyone learns differently and some people face challenges because of learning disabilities. This course introduces students to common learning disabilities and gives useful learning strategies. In each unit you will learn how to: recognize specific disabilities, use recommended learning strategies, overcome academic challenges, use accommodations and use adaptive technology.

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Memory and Study Tips for Students

When you are working or at school, you need to know how to remember information you learn. This course helps students develop the memory and studying skills they need to succeed. You will learn how information is transferred from short term memory to long term memory and then used to recall information.

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Skillsmarker Prep - Reading

This course introduces and reviews vocabulary that learners will encounter in the Skillsmarker Reading Assessment. It also explores test preparation tips and reading strategies that identify question structure, review context clues and improve comprehension.


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Steps to Success

This is a great course for learners who are new to the LearningHUB or online learning! In this course, we give you strategies and tips to set you up for success! You will identify your learning style and discover some ways to take advantage of your learning preferences. You will be introduced to memory and study tips as well as strategies for managing your time, reaching out for help, setting goals and monitoring your progress. You will learn to identify your learning challenges and how to come up with solutions when faced with an obstacle.

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Understanding Your Learning Style

We all learn in different ways and understanding our own strengths helps us succeed. This course helps students understand their own personal learning styles. Students will investigate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of learning and they will develop ways to use their preferred learning style more effectively.

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