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The LearningHUB now offers IXL Learning to help with Math and English.
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Reading Stories of Social Change

This is a 3 course series. Each course is packed with reading examples of everyday people who took a stand in everyday ways: refusing to go along with unfair situations, writing letters, sharing their stories, voting, using humour, and starting conversations in the name of social change. For each story, you will check your understanding, learn vocabulary, and study word attack strategies.

Conversation Circle

Oct 13 - Ordering in a Restaurant
Oct 27 - Giving and Asking for Directions
Nov 10 - Help! Emergency!
Nov 24 - Small Talk
Dec 8 - How much? How many? Measurement and Distance
Dec 22 - Boss vs Buddy, Formal and informal language

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We've added a new course!

GED Reading Poetry

Poetry is a special kind of writing in which descriptive language is used to create images and feelings. Understanding poetry will help you pass the GED Language Arts Reading Test. In this lesson, you will learn to identify the effects of rhythm, rhyme and figurative language in a poem. You will interpret words that stand for symbols and images that contribute to the mood and tone of the text and impact the meaning of a poem.

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