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New Courses Alert!

We've launched 2 new courses.
Grammar Games - This course introduces parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, using music and rhymes to help your memory and games to practice what you've learned.

Converting Measurements - This course is intended to help you with reading units of length on the Imperial and Metric measurement systems. You will learn the different methods of converting between feet and inches in the Imperial system, and how to convert between different Metric units. You will also learn how to convert between the Imperial and Metric systems (for example, feet to metres or centimetres to inches).

Lattes and Literature

Join our Lattes and Literature series. These classes are designed to target your reading comprehension and critical analysis skills, which is what is tested on the reading section of the GED.

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Conversation Circle

Want to improve your conversational English?
Join the LearningHUB’s Conversation Circle! *

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New Course Alert!

We are excited to launch Spending Plans - the first course in our new micro-series. This course is from the Money Matters program and was adapted with permission from ABC Life Literacy. This is a single-unit course with simple lessons to get you saving right away.

Introducing 'One and Done' Courses!

We have launched 3 new micro-courses. These are single-unit courses to help you build skills quickly! Check out Using a Tape Measure, Using Email and Searching the Internet in our Course Catalogue. Each course uses interactive activities to give real-life practice.
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