• Lessons use tutorials and quizzes.
  • Tutorials have slides with text and pictures.
  • Learners can use the built-in screen reader.
  • Other learning tools include dictionaries, translators and text highlighting.
  • After watching a tutorial, learners complete a short quiz to check their knowledge.
  • Lessons are grouped by level and subject.

Reading Strategies

These lessons teach strategies for reading and understanding documents, information, stories and novels.  They are helpful for learners preparing for high school credit courses, college programs or the GED Test.  Lessons are available in 3 levels and cover the following skills: 

finding main ideas
drawing conclusions
working with order
cause and effect
fact and opinion
making inferences
context clues

using prior knowledge
asking and answering questions
finding details
implied meaning
using graphics
point of view, tone, theme, and literary devices


Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

These lessons have 3 sections: Word Lists, Practice, and Reading Passages.  In each assignment, learners are introduced to 10-20 words.  Words are used in sample sentences and can be read out loud.  Words are also broken down into prefixes, roots and suffixes and listed with synonyms and antonyms.  After studying, learners remember and use definitions in practice questions.  In the last activity, learners read 3 passages of text and answer questions about key details. 


Live Classes

  • Taught by a LearningHUB Practitioner.
  • 1-2 hours long and run at a set date and time.
  • Available October-November, January-February and April-May.
  • Now running in Zoom!

Reading Strategies

Reading is so much more than recognizing words on a page. To remember and understand what we read, we need to use strategies. These are steps we can follow to help us break down ideas, ask questions, get information, or simply enjoy a good story! The fact is, reading strategies take practice and this class is a great starting point. You can also use the skills you learn in this class to help with the reading lessons you are completing with the LearningHUB.