Your Checklist

What do you need for our program?

To learn with us, you need to think about your next steps.  We call these your steps to success!  You can also think of them like a checklist.   

Step 1 - Set goals

  • Do you have a goal?

  • What do you want to achieve when you are done learning with us?

  • What skills will you work on with us to be ready for those goals? 

Step 2 - Understand our Program Requirements

Our program is free because of funding from the Government. We have designed our program so we can help learners make progress, give the flexibility adults need and be accountable to our funders.

Do you agree to ...

  1. Complete work with the LearningHUB every week? 3 hours a week is recommended.  

  2. Check your email weekly? Reply to our emails?

  3. Tell us when you need to be away?

Step 3 - Plan a learning schedule

  • Adults are busy.  We have families, jobs, responsibilities and our health to take care of.  

  • Have you started to think about how to make time for online learning? 

Step 4 - Getting computer and internet access

  • Do you have access to a computer and high speed internet?