Here are some tools to support you with your learning and goals.


Adult Education Learning Pathway Tool

Adult learners have several pathways they can choose to improve their education and career opportunities. This tool will help you to identify the best pathway to achieving your goals. Please note: In Ontario, mature students may have options and pathways that differ from youth who are currently attending high school. You will answer questions that will guide you through the routes adults follow to prepare for post-secondary programs and apprenticeships. This information will be shared with a LearningHUB practitioner who will contact you and support you with this journey.

Click here to open the Adult Education Learning Pathway Tool.


Are you ready for Grade 12 College Math?

This online assessment is designed to evaluate your readiness for Grade 12 college math credit courses. You can download the assessment results and share this information with the LearningHUB. They will provide options to help you prepare for math credit courses so that you can achieve the grades needed to attend college.

Click here to open the Grade 12 Math Tool.