Referral FAQs

We offer courses in a variety of subject areas related to reading, writing, math, budgeting, spelling, digital technology, GED preparation, College and Apprenticeship readiness, personal management, employability/soft skills and working with others.

Live Classes run in the fall, winter and spring using Zoom.  These classes are popular with learners who prefer to attend a live event during daytime hours with immediate feedback from an instructor.

Anytime Learning courses/lessons are offered year-round and can be accessed any time of day.  Learners make a weekly time commitment and work with their Literacy Practitioner to develop their learning plan.  Depending on the subject, we use different learning platforms for this type of learning.

Our full list of offerings can be found on our Courses menu.  

We have a Checklist on our website that helps learners understand what they need for our program.  We are an Employment Ontario program that is transition focused so it is important that our learners understand these requirements.  
As for technical skills, learners need to be able to communicate with us independently using email (or have help). We also use phone, text and use social media to connect with our learners.  We have tech staff who can help with downloading programs or answer questions about our learning platforms.  Help is just a click or call away! 
See our Readiness Checklist for a full list of skills needed to use our program.  

We have an online Referral Form on our website.  This form is emailed to you after you submit it so you can document your referral in your service plan.  Our Intake Staff will keep you informed of the status of your referral and next steps!

All learners in our program are assigned a Literacy Practitioner who helps guide them throughout their upgrading.  Consent is documented so we can keep communication open and include referring partners on emails to learners.  
Classroom and online LBS programs are required to maintain a separate but complementary learner plan for each learner that avoids duplication of service and supports the learner to achieve their goals.  Milestones and Culminating Tasks can be documented and shared between both programs when learning is collaborative.  
Time management is an important skill.  Juggling the demands of two LBS programs can be a challenge and doesn’t always work for everyone.  Learners can complete online coursework while attending a classroom program or from home.  All learners in our program are encouraged to plan a study schedule that accommodates work, home life and other learning commitments.  

Yes!  Learners can have active LBS service plans with more than one LBS provider at a time.  e-Channel was designed to provide better access for persons with disabilities and those who live in rural and remote communities.  Collaborating with an e-Channel program allows classroom LBS programs to offer more technology based learning options to their learners in the classroom.  

There is a Blended Learning checkbox in CaMS that you can use to flag if learning is shared between a classroom LBS program and an e-Channel program.  

The LearningHUB is funded to serve the Anglophone Stream for e-Channel.  

Our Application Process is explained on our website.  All learners need to complete a registration form followed by a short skills assessment.  

Once both online forms are completed, our Intake Team reviews the learner’s application and will be in touch about next steps.  

From time to time there is a short wait to start our program.  Waiting lists are advertised on our website when they are in place.  

We have a General Contact Form on our website that can be used to ask questions about our program at any time!

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