Blended Learning Registration Process

Blended Learning Registration Process - Sharing your LBS Learner's Registration/Assessments with the LearningHUB
The LearningHUB has started a new registration process for learners who are being referred in by LBS classroom providers. Our goal is to prevent the duplication of registration and assessment (which can be onerous for learners),
in order to provide a streamlined process for LBS classrooms who wish to blend their learners with the LearningHUB; and to encourage more LBS classroom programs overall to refer learners to us for blended learning.
Here are step-by-step instructions for this new registration process:
Step 1) Classroom LBS practitioner sends an email to the LearningHUB’s Intake team, [email protected] letting us know that you will be sending a referral for a learner. Please include the learner’s first and last name + attach their classroom LBS Participant Registration form and initial assessment/s in that email.

Please Note: If you feel the learner’s initial assessment no longer reflects their current Reading/Writing skills, please provide an updated sample of their Reading/Writing.

Step 2) Classroom LBS practitioner completes the LearningHUB’s online Referral form -

Step 3) The LearningHUB’s Intake team will email the classroom practitioner to confirm they’ve received the referral and to ask a few follow-up questions, to ensure all necessary details are captured for us to register your learner.
Step 4) Once we’ve received the following: i) classroom LBS registration, ii) classroom initial assessment/s and iii) responses to those further questions, the LearningHUB’s Intake team will email your learner to welcome them into our program and let them know what comes next! If you have any questions about this new process please feel free to email [email protected] call our toll-free number (1-844-470-7877) anytime.
We look forward to continuing to work with you and your learners!