Blended Learning

When it comes to blended learning, we welcome the opportunity to be able to offer online upgrading options for shared learners! The LearningHUB can be used to help supplement classroom LBS learning and help fill any gaps in curriculum that classroom programs may be limited in being able to offer. Whether you’re looking to supplement a learner’s current Math or Reading/Writing upgrading; to offer learners more options for courseware that will help prepare them for a job; to provide online options for digital skills upgrading; or to assist learners in becoming more Independent – we are happy to help your learners reach their goals!

There are many advantages to blended learning that classroom LBS programs may or may not be aware of already such as

  • sharing Milestones
  • providing more opportunities for service coordination
  • allowing learners to benefit from the added support of a second LBS practitioner
  • shared caseload management
  • collaborative learner plan development; 

All of which can help positively impact learner outcomes for both classroom programs and the LearningHUB.

We can provide independent ‘Anytime’ learning options where learners can access courseware on their own at a time that’s convenient for them, as courses are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Or we can also provide Live Classes where learners join a live Zoom session that lasts 1.5-2 hours and focuses on a specific learning skill. Blending classroom and online LBS delivery can teach learners important self-management skills and can help learners become more confident working in an online digital format.

We currently share learners with many different LBS classroom programs across the province: providing basic Reading/Writing/Math courseware to aid lower-level barriered learners; offering higher-level academic Reading/Writing/Math courseware to help learners preparing for PLAR/Credit Prep, Academic Upgrading/ACE, or Postsecondary education; providing course options for soft skills development and other employment-related learning; and courseware geared towards everyday life skills for learners who may not have an immediate idea of what ‘next steps’ they may be transitioning to.

Reach out to us today to find out how we can help YOU help your LEARNERS achieve their goals!

Watch this short video provided by Contact North for e-Channel to see the benefits to Blended Learning!