New Courses Available - Baking Math and Code Free Website Design for Beginners

Baking Math - Baking Math is a course to help you become a better baker by understanding the
math and science involved with baking yummy desserts. In this course, you’ll learn
how to read a recipe, understand how ratios are used to adjust proportions, and
how fractions are used to measure dry and wet ingredients. You’ll also learn how
to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions to adjust recipes, and some of the
science behind what happens when you mix certain ingredients and then heat
them in an oven. Finally, you’ll learn about measuring time and temperature, and
how you can use the metric system to measure by weights. 
Code Free Website Design for Beginners - Code Free Website Design for Beginners is for those who want to learn the basics of web design and create a simple website. You will learn what you should consider before beginning your design and then move on to learn how to use a free web design program called WordPress. During the process you will complete hands-on activities to practice each piece as it is presented and then complete an assignment to pull it all together. The course finishes with instruction of how to go live with your website.