New Courses Available - Identifying and Counting Canadian Money, Building Confidence and Thriving as a Family

Identifying and Counting Canadian Money - If you’re new to Canada or if you just want to learn more about identifying and counting Canadian money, this course will help you begin to manage your day-to-day finances. You’ll learn about Canadian currency, its worth and the Canadian symbols displayed on each bill and coin. You’ll also learn how basic numeracy skills can help you count and keep track of your money, taking the first steps to prepare you for employment that requires money handling skills.


Building Confidence - Confidence can help us move forward with life experiences. When we are confident, we may be more open to learning new things, challenging ourselves and being able to work through life's difficulties. This course will help you reflect on your current confidence level and understand how to build your confidence


Thriving as  Family - Thriving as a Family is a course to help you and your family learn to thrive and grow together. What goals do you want to achieve for yourself and your family? Do you want to be more active, save money, and eat healthier? In this course, you will create a challenge for yourself and reflect on how it went. You will learn about your spending habits by reviewing your household cash flow budget and exploring strategies to save money. You will learn tips to be a savvy shopper and become confident in your spending and your financial goals. You will find new ways to stay active that won't strain your budget, keep organized and plan to replenish your energy and reflect on what is important to you.