Our Practitioners

LearningHUB Practitioners are Literacy & Basic Skills professionals with a passion for online learning and a desire to mentor learners through to completion of their goals. Our success is measured by our learners' accomplishments.

We have a number of full-time, part-time and supply practitioners who make it possible for the HUB to offer a large course inventory. You have likely worked with a number of our staff including, Colette, Courtney, Dianne, Edina, Eileen, Heather, Julie, Kelly, Linda, Mary Ellen, Pete, Rachael, Robyn, Sandy, Stephanie, Susan, Vickie and Yolanda. 



As one of the Site Coordinators of Avon Maitland District School Board's Centres for Employment & Learning, I am always motivated by the work my practitioners contribute to the LearningHUB.  Hearing about the learner's positive learning experiences from participating in e-Channel is very inspiring to me. The practitioners aren't just instructing classes about spelling, grammar and punctuation, they are helping learners with their communication skills and teaching them how to support one other. It is wonderful to see the learners gain confidence and expand their learning horizons through the LearningHUB!


I understand what it's like to have your doubts about computers in general. I remember myself as a complete beginner in the world of computers some 12 years ago. That was the time when I got my very first email address. I was far away from home for an extended period of time and the idea of sending a (free) email that can be at the other side of the world in 2 seconds (as opposed to snail mail which would have taken well over a week), really tickled my imagination. I only wished the process of sending email could have been much easier. Everything seemed complicated then and thoughts running through my head were all along the same lines. Where do I click now? What happens if I click here? Why is it not doing anything? Do I need to single click or double click? What is a right click anyways? I just saved something (I think) but where did it go?

I remember sitting in a huge computer lab, contemplating whether to click or not to click because who knows what disaster I could initiate with a single movement of my mouse. There was a young lab tech working there who was very impatient. He was apparently thinking I should not have any questions for him ever, so in the end I preferred the idea of biting my tongue, compared to having to talk to him.

These days the situation is quite different. I work for the LearningHUB and I help people learn how to use the computer. I hope no one is afraid to ask anything from me. I enjoy my job very much and am happy to share my knowledge. Everyone learns in their own way using their own learning style.



The most satisfying moment of my career was seeing my learners' self-esteem improve dramatically once they started to make progress and realized that their goals CAN be achieved and that THEY have the power to achieve them. Learners often come in with low self-confidence, and to see them leave our program with such a sense of accomplishment and much higher levels of self-confidence is such a wonderful feeling.





My favorite teacher/mentor was Mrs. Kitchen, who taught my Grade 6 Creative Writing Enrichment class. Mrs. Kitchen always had a warm smile and a ready laugh. What made Mrs. Kitchen such a great teacher was the encouragement she gave me. She made me feel as though I could do anything I wanted to. If I wanted to be a famous novelist like Gordon Korman or the king of silly poetry like Dennis Lee, I could be.

There is power in having someone believe in you. Here at the LearningHUB, we believe in you. You can do anything you set your mind to! And we are here to help you every step of the way.