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Blended Learners – Sharing milestones and assessments

MTCU has indicated that if a classroom LBS program and an e-Channel program are working with a learner on the same competency and level, and both are contributing to the learning taking place, that the two organizations can share credit for the milestone – no matter who administers it. All that is required is documentation from the organization that administered the milestone stating the date the milestone was administered, and the outcome, ie. Was it attained or not attained? See this document.

It is the practice of LearningHUB practitioners to make contact with practitioners of learners also attending LBS classrooms to determine which milestones the learner has already done (for information purposes), and which milestones they are currently working towards. That way, if the training the learner does with the HUB aligns with what they are doing in the classroom, the two practitioners can coordinate administration of the milestone. If Learners complete the milestone with the LearningHUB, HUB practitioners can share a copy of the Scoring Rubric for the milestone with the classroom practitioner. NOTE: All sharing of information can only be done with the Learner’s consent. The LearningHUB gets consent at registration.

How do I refer learners to The LearningHUB?

The LearningHUB has recently added an online referral form to its website. If classroom practitioners use this to refer learners to The LearningHUB, they are able to share pertinent information about the learner with The LearningHUB, ie. assessment results etc. NOTE: Learner consent must be given to share information.

Initial Assessments – Sometimes practitioners will indicate that their learners have already completed certain assessments that the LearningHUB also administers, ie. Welcome Package and Initial Skills Assessments from the OALCF Implementation Strategy resource. School board LBS classrooms in particular, tend to use this resource. If practitioners can share this information early on, and provide the HUB practitioner with results of assessments, that will save the learner from being asked to complete the assessments again.

How do we document shared milestones in CaMS?

Presumably, you will already have a Learner Plan on file for the learner you share with the LearningHUB. When the learner is working on the same competency and level in your classroom as they are working on with the LearningHUB, you will indicate on the CaMS Sub-Goal and Plan Item that the learner is a Blended Learner (there is a ticky box just above the comment box on the Plan Item page). Then, when the milestone is completed CaMS will have a record that it was attained while the learner was in a blended learning environment. NOTE 1: As further clarification, The LearningHUB also adds a note to the comment box in the Plan Item that states if the Milestone was administered in the LBS classroom as opposed to online. NOTE 2: Classroom programs should not have a Sub-goal and Plan Item for this competency and level of training if there are no activities taking part in the classroom apart from what the Learner is doing on the LearningHUB. E-Channel and classroom LBS programs are considered as two separate service providers, so each must have a Learner Plan for the learner, even if the learner is shared.

Is the LearningHUB in CaMS?

The LearningHUB, and all other e-Channel service providers, became part of CaMS in April 2016. Unfortunately, at this time, The LearningHUB is not displayed as e-Channel in CaMS although steps are being taken to correct this. Currently, the LearningHUB appears in CaMS as AMDSB-Centre for Employment & Learning – Seaforth. To see other service plans in CaMS besides your own, click on the User’s Name, then on the Cases tab.

Can we capture a referral to the LearningHUB on CaMS?

Yes, you most certainly can. When you refer a learner to the LearningHUB, or any other e-Channel program, it counts as a Referral Out to EO – Literacy and Basic Skills.

Can a Learner count in my program if they are working on LearningHUB lessons from my classroom?

The LearningHUB has many learners who are attending classroom LBS programs in addition to working online with the LearningHUB. As long as these shared learners also have a Learner Plan with the classroom program they can count as Learners Served for the classroom program. For example, The LearningHUB might be supplementing what the learner is doing in the classroom, or the classroom might be supplementing what the Learner is doing with The LearningHUB.  In both these scenarios, the Learner will be registered and have a Learner Plan with both organizations. However, the LearningHUB will only be documenting in CaMS the online learning activities assigned by HUB practitioners, and classroom programs should only be documenting learning activities administered by the classroom practitioner.

Does the LearningHUB have wait lists?

The LearningHUB works hard to ensure it does not have to implement a wait list for learners. However, there are times when the program is extremely busy, and practitioners have very large caseloads.  During these times, it may take longer than usual to activate learners (due to the volume of learners registering). We ask for your patience with us when this happens. Anyone who does register and does not hear from the LearningHUB within 3 business days, should always follow up with the LearningHUB in case the registration was not received. Should the need ever arise for the LearningHUB to institute a wait list, a notice will be placed on the website for people to read prior to registration.