Using Saba, What You Need to Know

Live Classes are offered on a program called Saba. Saba transforms the traditional classroom into a "real time" online delivery format. Saba is a virtual meeting space for learners and LearningHUB practitioners to learn and teach online, in the comfort of their own home, or in a public computer lab. Saba is a powerful conferencing tool that uses visual slides, audio, and video technology to host Live Classes. You can even mark up a public whiteboard to share your ideas with the class! A microphone and speakers (or headset) are required to participate in Live Classes on Saba.

Attending a Live Class, What You Need to Know

Before signing into your Live Class, make sure you have your username and password available.

You will also need a headset and/or speakers with microphone. (A microphone is required if you wish to participate with live audio.)

It is recommended you log into your Live Class 15 minutes early to complete the audio wizard and be ready for class to start at the scheduled time.

Attendance Policy, What You Need to Know

Live Classes are popular and many of them fill to capacity while generating waiting lists. If learners are absent from two Live Classes they sign up for (without notifying the LearningHUB staff before the scheduled class) they will be un-enrolled from future classes that term. Someone from the waiting list will be offered that learner's spot for all remaining classes that term. Learners will be permitted to sign up for more classes the following term if space is available.

For technical support using Saba, call the Contact North support line at 1-888-850-4628.

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