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The LearningHUB offers online upgrading on several learning platforms to meet varying needs of our learners.

While it is important to know what platform you are working on in order to login, the only thing you need to know when you register, is whether you want Live Classes or Independent Study. Every learner is paired with an online mentor who will assign them courses that fit their needs. They will also provide instructions about how and where to login to access these courses. If you haven't already registered, please do so, and we will contact you to help you get started.  Login information and instructions on how to access courses are sent to each learner by their LearningHUB Practitioner.

If you're already registered for a course, short video tutorials are available to explain the different learning platforms and how to use them. For information on how to use the learning tools, a number of tutorials are available in the Using the Learning Hub section of this website:

Technical support is only an email or phone call away. For technical support using Centra, call the Contact North support line at 1-888-850-4628. For technical support using all other learning platforms, email your LearningHUB Practitioner to explain what you are having trouble with.

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