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  1. How can you help me?

    Do you need to upgrade your reading, writing, math, Essential Skills or work on GED prep to get a better job, improve in your current job or to prepare for further education? If you said yes to any of these questions and you prefer to work online at your own pace the LearningHUB might be for you!

  2. What do you offer?

    The LearningHUB offers online reading, writing, math, GED-Prep and Essential Skills upgrading. You can learn by taking Live Classes (scheduled at a specific time of day) and/or work on Independent Study courses (available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week).

  3. What do I need?

    Access to a computer with a high speed Internet connection is recommended. You will need a personal email account to sign up for Independent Study courses. You should also be able to schedule enough time to attend your Live Classes or work on your Independent Study courses at least once each week.

  4. How do I get an email account?

    If you don’t have an email account, we recommend you set up one using Gmail. It is required that each learner who registers for Independent Study courses has a personal email account. Creating a Gmail account

  5. When can I start?

    You can register to start your upgrading at any time. While some literacy programs close down over the summer, the LearningHUB offers courses year-round for those who wish to continue their studies during the summer months.

  6. How do I register?

    Go to and click on get registered to complete the online registration form. Select how you want to learn (Live Classes or Independent Study) and choose what classes you want to take when you fill out the registration form.

  7. What happens after I register for Live Classes?

    If you signed up to attend Live Classes, a LearningHUB practitioner will send you login information for your classes by email.

  8. What happens after I register for Independent Study courses?

    If you signed up for Independent Study, an intake assessment will be sent to you by email. Once your assessment is received, a LearningHUB practitioner will be in touch with you to get you started with your online learning and help you create your learning plan.

  9. How do I request more classes?

    If you have completed your Live Classes and want to take more, or if you would like to start an Independent Study course, login to your LearningHUB portal account to request more classes with the LearningHUB. 

  10. Who will support me?

    Once you register, you will be assigned a LearningHUB practitioner who will become your mentor as you work through your learning plan.

  11. What is my commitment?

    If you register to take Live Classes, it is expected that you attend all of your scheduled classes or notify your LearningHUB practitioner if you are unable to do so. If you register for Independent Study courses, it is expected that you log into your classes and work on your online course at least once each week for approximately 3-5 hours.

  12. Will I get grades for my classes?

    No, the LearningHUB does not assign grades for our online upgrading program. Many of our courses have ways to show your progress as you work through your lessons and your mentor will be there to provide you with feedback along the way.

  13. Will I get credits for my classes?

    No, the LearningHUB does not grant credits for our online upgrading program. While the LearningHUB can help you improve your literacy and numeracy skills, these courses are not credit based. Information about online high school credits or the Academic Career Entrance (ACE) college preparation program can be provided upon request.

  14. Will I get a certificate?

    If you complete a Live Class using Centra, or an Independent Study course using Moodle, a certificate of completion will be sent to you by email after your course is complete. Independent Study courses on Plato will allow you to print off a certificate of completion but the certificate is only available when you finish your Plato course and cannot be printed off at a later date.

  15. Will I get a progress report?

    Yes, the LearningHUB practitioners send all Independent Study learners a progress report twice each year. Independent Study learners who are registered with the LearningHUB receive their progress report in December and in June to track their progress.

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