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The LearningHUB has created a list of helpful websites you can use for extra help. To use these links all you need is access to the Internet (no passwords required).

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Learning Resources - Links

The following websites have been provided for extra help.

GED Prep

Test Prep Review

This site includes practice tests, GED exam study guides with self assessment modules included for all subjects. If you have a stronger security feature on your computer, you will have to temporarily disable it in order to receive your evaluations.


On this website click on GED. You can choose each subject you want to be tested in.


On this website click on the General Education Development link. There are sample questions on each subject with an answers page.

GED For Free

You will need to register yourself on this website however the course is free.

ilc - Independent Learning Centre

The ILC is the exclusive provider of General Educational Development (GED) Testing in Ontario and is Ontario's designated provider of Distance Education - includes online tutoring.

English & Writing

Grammar Bytes!

Use this site for printable handouts and definitions of common grammar terms and interactive grammar knowledge tests. This is a very interactive website with great feedback.

The Tongue Untied

This site has an online guide to grammar, style and punctuation. Work through practice exercises and online lessons at your own pace. Good explanations for grammar terms are provided.

Grammar Worksheets

This site has printable grammar worksheets including verbs, analogies, nouns, adverbs, adjectives and sentences. See the "answer key" at bottom of home page for solutions.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

This online grammar site has lots of examples and quizzes. It includes words, sentences, paragraphs and essay writing. There are different levels you can navigate through.

English Lessons and Tests

This site has grammar, vocabulary and reading, with tests from beginner to advanced levels. Click on Learn English grammar and vocabulary on left tool bar to enter.

English Language Centre Study Zone

This site has grammar, reading, vocabulary, and puzzles for all different levels. Tip: Start with level 200 and work your way up.

Flash Quizzes

This site has over 1000 interactive activities for different levels including grammar, crosswords, vocabulary, cloze exercises. This is a very good site!

BBC Skillswise

This website has Reading, Spelling and Math games that you can use for practice.

Spelling City

This site allows you to make customized spelling lists and learning activities using those lists. Some activities on this site include definition matches, spelling tests, sentence unscrambles, word list unscrambles, etc ...

AAA Spell

On this site, enter your own spelling lists, access pronunciation sound files, vocabulary lists, definition activities ...


GCF Learn Free

This site provides basic math and money skills. Registration is free.

The World of Math Online

This is a great website that provides step-by-step explanations and interactive quizzes from basic math to algebra, geometry and calculus.

AAA Math

This is a good web site for brushing up on basic math skills. The content is sorted by subject and by grade levels (1-8). Explanations are provided along with interactive questions.

Cool Math

This site has math lessons, problems, games and a dictionary. It includes basic math, algebra and geometry.

Figure This

This site uses math problem challenges including algebra, geometry, measurement, numbers, statistics and probability. To see a list of challenges click on "Math Index" on the top toolbar.

Math TV

This site features video lessons on basic math concepts.

Math Playground

This site allows for interactive math practice.

That Quiz

This site contains timed math quizzes.

Number Sequence Puzzles

Think like a computer. Number Sequence Puzzles

Math Homehork Help

Basic and advanced math tutorials and online tutoring.

Math and Science Prep

Links to resources for Math and Science.

Web Support: Math and Science Resources

More links to resources for Math and Science.

Algebra Resources Galore

More resources for Algebra.


University of Waterloo - WiredMath

Games, lessons and challenges based on Ontario Math Curriculum Grades 6 through 10.


More Math Links

More links to Math websites.


Computer Skills

The Absolute Beginners' Guide to Using a Computer

The guide is broken into a series of six different guides that will introduce you to different aspects of using a computer.

Typing Games

These online games and tests can help you build up your typical skills and have fun at the same time. Learning how to type can also help you as you move up in skill level and take on harder assignments that need to be typed up on a computer.

Typing Lessons

This site offers a set of free online typing lessons and typing exercises for beginning typists. Learn how to move your skills from slow four-finger typing to faster full touch typing.

GCF Learn Free

This site provides basic computer skills. Registration is free.

Free Online Microsoft 2007 Tutorial

This free online tutorial has been created by the Baycon Group for MS Office Word 2007. There are 5 lessons available that you can work through at your own pace.

Byte Back Typing Lessons

Progressive lessons to improve typing accuracy and speed.

Sense-Lang Touch Typing Program

The free online user-friendly way to learn, practice and improve typing speed and accuracy.

Mousing Around

Lots of practice for the beginner!

Mouse Practice from SeniorNet

Simple exercises to help get acquainted with the mouse.

Mouse Exercises - Jig Zone

Builds mouse skills by moving puzzle pieces.

Email lessons from Learn the Net

Interactive site that provides information on setting up and using email.

Microsoft Office Online training

Microsoft Office On-line has free training for various MS Office programs and versions. Including Office 2003, 2007, 2010.

Microsoft Office lessons from Internet 4 Classrooms

Includes tutorials for Office and applications such as Dreamweaver. Good for more experienced learners.

PowerPoint from actDEN

PowerPoint in the Classroom. Free tutorial.

PowerPoint 2007 from Web by Design

University of Indiana - PowerPoint 2007 basic tutorials.


The Learning Edge is an interactive online newsletter. Click on the issues below to check them out!

Issue #5 - Workplace 1

Issue #6 - Workplace 2

Issue #7 - Workplace 3

Issue #8 - Workplace 4

Issue #9 - Workplace 5

Issue #10 - Workplace Apprenticeship Issue #1

Issue #11 - Workplace Apprenticeship Issue #2

Issue #12 - Workplace Apprenticeship Issue #3

Essential Skills

Ontario Skills Passport

This site is useful for creating resumes and cover letters.

The Essential Skills Group

Includes information about assessing and building essential skills and researching occupations.

Other Links

Continuing Education Courses

This site includes various continuing education courses taught by professors of respected schools.

Free Rice

This site allows learners to upgrade in a variety of areas, but also to feed the hungry while they do it.

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